So how can I connect beyond Sunday morning?

Want to come meet some of the folks who are a part catalyst and enjoy some time together this winter? We do these fun outings and gatherings because we believe forming deep relationships with one another will allow us to deeply care for one another and help each other grow. Did you know most people who connect into a church are connected not because of how pretty the building is or is not, how good or bad the band or preacher is but rather the connect and stay because they know people at that church and feel connected to it. We believe we serve and love a relational God who wants us to have deep relationships with himself and others and these events allow us space and time to get to know one another and invite others into our community. Have a question about an event? message us!

Beginning early in the new year we will also begin our next session of regional home groups. These groups will meet in homes around the cities twice a month and will be meal, fellowship and Bible study focused. We pray that this casual and warm atmosphere will allow us to grow closer to God and to one another while we enjoy some great eats. More will be coming out shortly about these groups so stay tuned!

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