Our Denomination & Beliefs

Catalyst Covenant Church is a church in the Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

The Evangelical Covenant Church is a vibrant, diverse and growing group of more than 825 churches whose work spans across more than 53 countries. Started in 1885 by Swedish immigrants, the Covenant has a passion for seeing people engage in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, across more populations, in a more caring and just world.

The Covenant church has 6 affirmations that help define the views and ethos of the denomination:

  • We affirm the centrality of the word of God
  • We affirm the necessity of the new birth
  • We affirm a commitment to the whole mission of the church
  • We affirm the church as a fellowship of believers
  • We affirm the conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit
  • We affirm the reality of freedom in Christ

More on the affirmations can be found here. Additionally, this video from one of our denomination’s former presidents, Gary Walter, gives a great introduction to our larger church family. Our denominational website has additional resources and information as well.

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