CONNECT (Beyond Sunday AM)

At Catalyst we believe the church is made up of flesh and bone more then it is made up of brick and stone. We believe God is building his church and it looks a lot like you and me joining together to to be a contagious community, focused on pursuing, proclaiming and demonstrating Christ and his love for the world.

Sunday morning worship is something that churches have done for centuries and we will always do this to as its a profound time of community, celebration, encouragement and teaching and yet if we stop there, we feel as if we have planted a worship service and not a church. We believe like many before us that God wants to connect with us and connect us to each other in deep and meaningful ways.

You see God is a fiercely relational God and scripture tells us that he does not seek to be distant from his creation but close to us because of his great love for us. We believe we are created in Gods image and thus are designed to be relational creatures. God calls us to himself and into community because it is in community that we help one another, encourage one another and grow.


In this beginning season of Catalyst we have a number of ways we together can connect beyond Sunday mornings to develop relationships and grow. Typically two times a month we have events that are purely times to have fun together, serve our community and allow us to invite others into our community to hang out. One month it may be to serve in a soup kitchen and the next time it could be a board game night. We are new enough we are still exploring our rhythm and we expect our gatherings will morph and change over time. A list of these events can be found in our “The Latest news” tab and If you are interested in any of these groups feel free to email us!


These groups are hosted in different houses around the cities and are meal, fellowship and bible study based groups. These groups meet every other week and are safe and friendly places to ask questions, develop relationships and grow while eating some quality food! Check out the “The Latest news” tab for more information and locations!


One surefire way to connect with a church is to serve. We believe we were designed to serve out of the abundance of gifts God has given to us and when we do we often feel most alive. Do you play a instrument? Do you like to work with kids? Are you a person who loves to welcome new comers or help set up? When we serve we often meet others with similar passions and develop relationships. Healthy community is formed when we all are invested and helping in each others lives. Some of our team focus in on these key areas:

Worship, Tech, Prayer, Home Groups, Greeting/Hospitality, Set up/break down, Children’s, Finance, Leadership and Benevolence.

If you have an interest in serving on or hearing more about any of these teams please contact us HERE!

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