Corona Response

As COVID-19 begins to affect more of our daily lives, we, as a church, want to shine the hope of Christ in this dark moment. As our country continues to respond to the pandemic, here are a few things to remember:

1) Make sure your consumption in the next week is not just news feeds, but you also have a diet rich in prayer and scripture. News media usually does not calm fears; God often does. Also remember in all times, including this one, that Courage is not the absence of fear, but the choice not to bow to it.  
2) Make sure to think critically about the news sources you are digesting. Are they reliable with expert opinion? How much of what you are consuming is hype over reality? 
3) One of the ways the church can be the church is to care for others, especially the most vulnerable. Let us take seriously health precautions and considerations, especially for the elderly and those with preexisting medical conditions. 
4) In the next few days ask how God might use the church to be a non-anxious presence and a place of hope, working to embody that in your own life and circles. The early church was known and grew in part by ministering to the sick and showing great courage in times of plagues much worse than Covid-19. What are some creative ways God may want us to do the same in our day?

With all this in mind, we want to serve as Christ’s hands in our community during this time. If you need help, are interested in helping, or are a college student uniquely affected by COVID-19, click below to let us know how we can be of service.

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