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To help Catalyst be a thriving, healthy and missional church community financial investment and support is one important way to help us as a newly planted church. We are deeply thankful to all those who have, will and are giving from near and far; Inside the community and outside of it as well. We are extremely thankful for the Partnership with The Evangelical Covenant Church , specifically The Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant who has helped us set up our financial systems, checks and balances and contributes finanically for the first 3 years of ministry.  All of your financial gifts to help start this vital ministry are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for partnering to build the kingdom of God through your giving to Catalyst Covenant Church. Thank you for your investment in the kingdom and specifically this new church! Outside fundraising and investment is a proven, necessary and required component to allow stability in a churches infancy and aid in its development into a healthy, reproductive and self sustaining church.

To give an online (reoccurring or a one time) gift follow this link HERE 

If you wish to mail your gift to us or if you have questions about the giving of stocks or other forms of gifts please email us. Thank you for investing in this new church!

***Note read me if you have been giving to us online already*** (2/28/18)

The church has been using an electronic donations system called Vanco Payment Solutions, but we have made the decision to switch to a different provider, Planning Center Online. This decision was made for several key strategic reasons:

To make this change, the people that have electronic donations set up with the current Vanco system will need to transfer their giving to the new Planning Center system. We are currently using both systems and will cancel Vanco once the electronic donations have been migrated. We hope to have everybody migrated over to Planning Center by March 9th.

To cancel the recurring donation through the Vanco system, please follow the steps below.

  1. Follow this link (Vanco Payments Solutions).
  2. Login to your account.
  3. On the summary screen of the account you will see a scheduled transaction (see picture below). Press the “Delete” button to end the scheduled transaction. If you are unable to access your account please contact us at

To change over to the new system the link above entitled HERE will bring you over to our new system which takes only a minute to set up.

we also have venmo now and our account name is @catalystcovenant

We also have text to give capabilities now. To use this text-to-give, you text a number for the dollar amount you want to donate to the number 84321. If it is the first time it will text you back and you then select the link and then select Catalyst Covenant. From there you just follow the on-screen prompts. Below is a link with a video explaining it.




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