How To Partner

Here are three important ways that we believe God is calling people to partner with this new Church that He is establishing.


Every church needs a core group of passionate, flexible people who feel that pioneering call from God to help begin an exciting new work. This group helps to put flesh on this exciting new mission and vision of God! We are now home to more than 120 folks who are creatively using their gifts to bless each other and birth a new community and reach out to all people in the Twin Cities with the good news of Christ in word and deed.  If this is something that you would like to talk to us about please feel free to fill out the contact form below!

Want to hear why some of our folks have joined in the past? Here’s a short video from some of our congregants.
Video by Matthew Eng

Each season we hold a round of our 2-part membership class, Catalyst 101 & 102. If you are interested in becoming a member, let us know by sending us an email (see contact form below). If you have already taken the class but need another copy of the membership application, you can find it here.


To help Catalyst be a thriving, healthy and missional church community financial partnership is a key factor. We are extremely thankful for the Partnership with The Evangelical Covenant Church , specifically The Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant who has helped us set up our financial systems and provides accountability.  All of your financial gifts to help start this vital ministry are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for partnering to build the kingdom of God through your giving to Catalyst Covenant Church.

You can give at any of our Sunday gatherings or give safe and securely online HERE.  If additional questions come up in regards to being a financial partner for this new church, please contact us on the form below.

Want to hear why some of our folks have joined in the past? Here’s a short video from one of our congregants.
Video by Matthew Eng

We believe that we serve a loving and powerful God who loves to communicate with us and that is why prayer is so important. We deeply value your prayers for overall discernment, for our growing community and for our future plans. We ask that you pray that this church becomes a thriving church for the kingdom where people meet Christ, grow and join God’s mission in word and deed to transform and renew the world. Sign up for our prayer/update emails below!

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