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This fall we are diving in deep with James, the brother of Jesus.  We are going verse by verse from through November.

11/19/17 Thankfulness James 1:16-18

Pastor Jeff concludes our series from James with a return to chapter 1 and a look at thankfulness.

11/12/17 Prayer James 5:13-18

Pastor Algernon Lewis shared this week about the power of prayer.

10/22/17 Pride, Slander and Boasting James 4:1-12

10/01/17 Faith and Deeds James 2:14-26 

9/24/17 Playing Favorite James 2:1-13


9/17/17 Audible to Physical Faith James 1:19-27 Often there is a difference between what we believe. James challenges to merge these two realities.


9/10/17 Trials and Temptation James 1:1-18 This week Pastor Jeff kicks off our fall sermon series, Formation, with James 1:1-18. Pastor Jeff looks at the difference between Trials and Temptations and how they affect our faith.



Throughout August we are exploring practical ways that we can share God’s story with those around us.  Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties and were only able to recored the last two sermons in this series.

09/03/17 Share Your Story  As we conclude our series on evangelism we get to the meat of it, sharing our story with those around us.  Pastor Jeff offers some encouragement in this daunting task.


08/27/17 Serve with Love Service is an important part of the life of faith.  Pastor Jeff encourages us to serve those around us and to serve them with love.


unsung propresenter

In the heat of the summer we will look at the stories of 8 different Biblical characters; we will ask how their past stories, strengths and struggles can help us live a better story today. Never heard of these stories? Exactly! we purposely selected people in scripture with lesser “known” stories to illustrate that God’s story can unfold and any and all of us, so long as we are willing to allow his story into our own.

07/23/17 Mary Magdalene This week we look at a text that we typically reserve for Easter; instead this week Pastor Jeff explores another character in that story, Mary Magdalene.


07/16/17 Gideon You may have heard the story of Gideon as a child but now it’s time to hear his story again as an adult.


07/09/17 Cornelius From Acts chapter 10 we hear the story of two conversions; both of Cornelius and Peter.  Take a listen


07/02/17 Unknown Widow This week Pastor Jeff explores the generous spirit of a woman not even named. You can read her story in Mark 12:41-44.  Take a listen


06/15/17 Priscilla and Aquilla This week Lisa shares the story of this remarkable ministry power couple.


06/18/17 Jethro This week we look at Jethro, the Father in Law to Moses, and the key role he plays in mentoring Moses and guiding him in leadership.  Pastor Jeff pushes us to think about the people we are allowing to guide and shape us, and how are we sharing what we have to build the next generation.  We begin with the scripture reading form Exodus and Pastor Jeff prays for Fathers and the events of the last week in our region and around the world.  Take a listen


06/11/17 The Spirit of God As we kick off our new series Pastor Jeff explores the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Take a listen


absent god pro presenter

Esther is the only book of the Bible that doesn’t mention God by name; if we’re honest sometimes we feel God is is absent in our lives too. This series will explore for signs of God’s presence and guidance in all the twists and turns and let it remind us that God is present in our stories too.

06/04/11 Relief Pastor Jeff concludes our look at Esther, he explores the part of the story that we struggle most with.  Take a listen


05/28/17 The Story We Find Ourselves In As we look at the next chapter of Esther’s drama we see her move from being a bit player to taking a staring role.  This week we stop to consider where we are in our own stories and look for how to become active players.


05/21/17 What We Clothes Ourselves This week we examine chapter 3 and 6 of Esther and look at the story of Haman. In this message we look at what is pride, what it does and what steps can we learn from this chapter in how to move away from it.


05/14/17 This week we examined chapter 4 of Esther and looked at Esther’s power, problem and perspective. How might we be empowered by God even in times of deep fear and what might God be calling us to even if it means risking something for that call?


05/07/17 This week Josiah Hagen starts our new series looking at chapter 2 of Esther.  While we may feel awkward that this “Bachelor style” story is in our bibles we will see that God is moving.



VCM20K He Is Risen

04/30/17 The Great Commission Christ has called us to a life not only of belief but of following Him with our actions.  This week Pastor Jeff closes out the book of Matthew looking at this infamous text well call the Great Commission.


04/16/17 He is Risen!  This is what our faith rests on; the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This week Pastor Jeff dives in on the mystery and wonder of Jesus’ resurrection.




The Kingdom of Heaven is Like

Jesus is a master story teller. 8 of the parables or “stories with intent” as Kline Snodgrass calls them in Matthew begin with the phrase the “kingdom of heaven is like” and a total of 32 times this phrase appears in the book itself. Jesus shares these rich stories to illustrate what he came to accomplish and what he hopes for us his co laborers to do in join him in doing in the work of completing his prayer. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

04/09/17 A Banquet This week we examine a parable Jesus tells about a banquet. We examine who accepts the invitation and who does not and why this 1st century tale could possibly matter in our 21st century world.


04/02/17 A Vineyard Owner Matthew 20:1-16 and now we can move away from anxiety and towards joy.  Take a listen or share this with a friend who needs to hear this good news today.


03/19/17 A Growing Seed What is the Kingdom of God?  Where is the Kingdom? These are questions you might have been asking yourself throughout this series..This week Pastor Tim tries to answer those questions while looking at the Parable of the Growing Seed.  Take a listen.


03/12/17 A Net Judgement is a word that our modern culture doesn’t like to hear but is a concept we see arise in scripture again and again.  This week Pastor Jeff looks at Jesus’ parable of the net and discusses how we might look the idea of judgement through new eyes.


03/05/17 A Treasure Hidden in a Field/Pearl of Great Price Our series on the parables of Jesus continues this week.  In our text this week we are confronted with the cost and the price of Jesus’ Kingdom.  Take a listen here or subscribe to our Podcast.


02/26/17 The Mustard Seed This week Pastor Jeff continued our series in the parables of Jesus with the story of the Mustard Seed.  You can listen to it here or subscribe to our Podcast.


02/19/17 The Wheat and the Weeds Judgement is a word that most of us avoid; we often try hard to make sure that we are not seen as judgemental.  In our first week looking at the parables of Jesus, Pastor Jeff looks at the Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds found in Matthew 13.  Take a listen



Upside Down: A Series on the Beatitudes

Few places in scripture do we get such a profound look at the ethics of the kingdom vs the ethics of the world. So WHY do these blessings seem so backward or upside down and what does that tell us about Jesus and his ways?

02/12/17 Blessed are the Persecuted This week we wrapped up our series in the Beatitudes.  Pastor Jeff concludes with a message that is timely for the cultural and political world we live in.  Take a listen


02/05/17 Blessed are the Pure in Heart Pastor Jeff brings this great message as we continue our series in the Beatitudes, take a listen.


01/29/17 Blessed are the Merciful Lisa Olson spoke to us this week about mercy, not just feeling bad about a situation or for someone but coming along others until we can feel how they feel.  This is a great and timely message


01/22/17 Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness Take a listen as Pastor Jeff continues in our series on the Beatitudes.


01/15/17 Blessed are the Meek This week Pastor Jeff spoke with Ben Quie, a member of our congregation, about this segment of the Beatitudes.  This is a great conversation between these two men, followed by some Q & A with the congregation.  Take a Listen


01/08/17 Blessed are Those Who Mourn While feelings grief and mourning are not desirable, the Beatitudes show that God can and does work through these emotions to bring blessing into our life.  Listen as Pastor Jeff breaks down this important part of scripture.


01/01/17 Blessed are the Poor in Spirit This week Pastor Jeff began our series on the Beatitudes and the upside ethics they promote.  Unfortunately due to a technical error, we did not get a recording of this sermon.


We begin our study on the book of Matthew examining the genealogy of Jesus found in chapter 1 and particular characters mentioned and what we can learn about who Jesus was and his story from the story of some mentioned in the genealogy in chapter 1. What does the genealogy and stories of some of these people in chapter 1 tell us about hope, love, peace and joy that Christ ultimately brings?

Christmas 12/18/2016 Our last sermon of 2016 was from our Christmas service.  Take a listen this week.

12/18/2016 Joy: Mary As we closed Advent, Pastor Jeff explored the story of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  Take a listen and share with a friend

12/11/2016 Peace: Uriah’s Wife This week guest preacher Touger Thao from Roots Covenant Church shared with us on the theme of peacemaking.  This challenging idea comes at a time when peace seems so hard to find and keep.  If you were snowed in or just missed us last week take a listen

11/27/2016 Hope: Abraham Pastor Tim begins our series looking at the hero of faith Abraham.  Abraham was a man of faith and action who lived into the promises that God has made; trusting God with all he had.  This message of hope is a great one to begin the season of Advent with.

Translation: Jewish Theology for a Gentile World

The book of Romans is one of the major letters of the new testament; here Paul is hoping to translate the profound truths of Christ to a culture that was disconnected from the Jewish roots of Christianity and do it in a compelling, honest and insightful way. In that same spirit some 2000 years removed from Paul, our study will approach Romans as a Christ followers helping to translate the profound truths of Romans not to a 1st century Gentile community but to a 21st century post (post?) modern one.

11/20/16 Rome at Last We come to the end of our series in Romans with Romans 15:1-16.  Take a listen and share with a friend.

11/13/16 The Way of Love and Peace On the heels of a dramatic election we come to Romans 14:1-19, Pastor Jeff looks at how we can relate to those around us who might believe differently than we do.  This is a great one to share with friends and take a second listen too.

10/30/16 Remnant of Grace Fitting for Reformation Sunday, Pastor Jeff look at Romans 11:11-24 as we continue through this important book.  We are reminded of the roots our faith and its Jewish origin; giving thanks that we have been grafted into God’s people.

10/23/16 God’s Purpose and Justice This week Pastor Jeff explored Romans 9:6-26.  Take a listen:

10/16/16 Nothing Can Separate Us Looking at Romans 8:18-39 Pastor Jeff looks at one of the most studied and discussed passages in the New Testament.  This is a great message for those of us who sometimes feel like God is far away or think that we have someone lost our relationship with Him.  Take a listen or share with a friend:

10/9/16 Life Under the Law This week Catalyst member and Bethel Seminary student Josiah Hagen shared from Romans 7, discussing the law and its place in the life of a Christian.  Take a listen:

10/02/16 The Reign of Grace This week in our series we looked at Romans 5:1-21 to take a closer look at God’s gift of grace.  This is a great sermon to share with a friend who needs to hear about God’s love.

09/25/16 God’s Covenant Justice Unveiled In week four of our series on Romans, Pastor Jeff looked at Romans 3:9-31.  Take a listen and share with a friend.

09/18/16 God’s Faithfulness This week Pastor Jeff preached on Romans 2:17-29 and God’s faithfulness; unfortunately, due to a technical glitch we did not get a recording.  I encourage you to read this passage and spend some time in prayer this week.  You can also take this opportunity to catch up on previous sermons in the series.

09/11/16 Exchanged Glory On our fall kickoff Sunday Pastor Jeff tackles Romans 1:18-25 and makes God’s wrath a lot less scary.  If you missed us this week or were too excited for walking tacos to pay attention, take a listen here:

09/04/16 Longing Pastor Jeff starts our new series on the book of Romans with Romans 1:1-17.  Take a listen and share with a friend.


Philemon: Little Book Big Message

08/28/16 Grace Just as Christ gives us Grace, Paul gives grace to Philemon hoping he will do the same for Onesimus.  Pastor Jeff concludes our series looking at Philemon  1:19-25; Grace is getting what we don’t deserve.

08/21/16 Compassion and Justice  In week three Pastor Jeff explores what Paul has to say about justice from the book of Philemon.  We look at Philemon 1:12-18 and see what this little book has to say about such a big topic.

08/14/16 A Higher Standard Philemon is a short book that packs a wallop.  This week Pastor Jeff hones in on verses 8-11.  Paul could demand Philemon to accept Onesimus but instead pleads for loves sake and a higher standard. What is permissible is not always beneficial. Take a listen!

Redeemed: A Sermon Series on God’s Redemption; Working on Topics that Make Us Squirm

08/07/16 Redeeming Work As we wrapped up our series Redeemed guest preacher, Dr. Justin Irving, from Bethel Seminary’s Work with Purpose Initiative, spoke on what it means to redeem the work we do.  This is a great to share with friends.

07/31/16 Redeeming Conflict Pastor Tim jumps into our series to talk about conflict.  We live in a context that often values being agreeable and “nice” but is it possible that in the Kingdom of God conflict can actually be a good thing?  Take a listen and share with your friends.

07/24/16 Redeeming Forgiveness This week Pastor Jeff continued our series on topics that need to be redeemed with Forgiveness.  Anne Lamont once said “Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.”  Listen and hear what you need to learn about this important aspect of Christian life.

07/17/16 Redeeming Race This we looked at Ephesians chapter 2 and examined how Christ not only breaks down walls between or connection with God but with each other as well. For Christians it is not an “either or” but “both and” Gospel truth! Take a listen:

07/10/16 Redeeming Suffering Pastor Jeff continued our series on Redeeming the everyday things of life talking about Suffering.  Suffering is a part of human life but: “We follow a God who has the power to confront suffering so stop trying to face it on your own.”  This is a great sermon to share with friends.

Wise: A Sermon Series from the Book of Psalms

Whats the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Most of the decisions we will make in life are not knowledge based decisions but ones that require wisdom. Decisions not between good and bad but between two strong job offers, two wonderful places you could live or go to school. So how do we get to wisdom on these sorts of decisions? What will we unearth when we spend time in The Psalms; considered to contain some of the most wise words in all of scripture?

06/26/16 Psalms of Trust Pastor Jeff concluded our series on the Psalms looking at one of most famous chapters in all of scripture. In Psalm 23 Jeff looks at the roles of shepherds, sheep, and banquets.  Take a listen and share with a friend.

06/19/16 Psalms of Wisdom Unfortunately due to a technical error we did not get a recording this week.  Lisa Olson preached on Psalm 1

06/12/16 Psalms of Thanksgiving Pastor Jeff shared this week on the wisdom of being a thankful person from Psalm 107.  Take a listen.

06/05/16 Kingship Psalms Pastor Jeff continues in our series on the Psalms with Psalm 29.  Take a listen or share with a friend.

05/29/16 Psalms of Lament In week 2 of our series from the Psalms, Pastor Jeff shares from Psalm 22.  It is a Psalm that shares a full range of emotion and shows us that even a man after God’s own heart, like David at times felt angry and alone. If you missed us this holiday weekend take a listen or share with a friend

05/22/16 Psalms of Praise As we begin our series on the Psalms, Pastor Jeff starts with Psalms of Praise, he takes a closer look at Psalm 66 as we learn that through praising God in the good times we are prepared to follow Him when times get tough.  Take a listen.


How do we engage and thrive where the world and faith intersect?  Are our only options to become hermits and hide or to blend in and offer nothing unique as we seek to follow Jesus into the world?  Join us as we examine Daniel and look at a third way to engage the world around us as we follow Christ.

05/15/16 Lions Pastor Jeff closes our series on the book of Daniel by covering the most well known story of the book, Daniel in the Lions Den. Take a listen for a new take on an old story.

05/08/16 The Writing is on the Wall In week 5 of our series on Daniel Pastor Tim looks at how Daniel tried to serve a king and thrive in a culture that was so different from his own faith and how we might be able to relate.

05/01/16 The King is MAD Crazy Pastor Jeff continues our series from the book of Daniel with Daniel Chapter 4.  Take a listen and share with your friends!

04/24/16 Into the Fire In week three of our series in Daniel Pastor Jeff explores the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the fiery furnace found in Daniel Chapter 3.  We ask the question of what effect does hardship have on our lives.  Take a listen and share with your friends.

04/17/16 Dreams Pastor Jeff continued our series from the book of Daniel showing us how we can be a blessing to others; even those we disagree with.

 Why?   ___________________________________________________________

4 weeks on three seasons in the life of Christ.  We look at his arrival to Jerusalem, leading to his Crucifixion, The Resurrection and the final act of Christ in the book of Luke, his ascension. In each of these 3 movement we will ask why these moments in the life of Christ have mattered so deeply to Christ followers over the past 2 ,000 years and what they tell us about our mission in life.

04/03/16 Ascension Pastor Jeff concludes our series on the last weeks of Christ’s life.  Listen back to all 4 sermons and share them with friends

03/27/16 Resurrection Day This Easter we look at power of the resurrection and celebrate the new life we have in Christ  take a listen to Pastor Jeff’s sermon from Luke 24:1-12. Unfortunately, due to a technical error, we were unable to record the first few minutes


03/20/16 The New Temple Pastor Jeff shared this week from Luke 19:45-48 and 21:5-6. Jesus came to replace an old system based on payment with a system based on grace, to replace a community connected by a place with a new community connected by a person.  Take a listen as you prepare for Good Friday and Easter.

03/13/16 Palm Sunday  Pastor Jeff begins a new series leading us to Easter and beyond.  Luke 19:28-44 shows that God is true to His word.  Listen or share this sermon with a friend.


Message in  a Bottle   ___________________________________________________________

Jesus used parable to teach his hearers lessons about the Kingdom he was building. These stories bring deep message and truth to us across time, like messages in bottles from a distant shore.

03/06/16 Parable of the Lost Coin  Pastor Jeff concludes our series on parables with the Parable of the Lost Coin.  From Luke 15:8-10 listen and share with your friends.  

02/28/16 Parable of the Great Banquet  From Luke 14:15-24 Lisa Olson brings us the next in our series on Parables.  Jesus has invited us to the Banquet and we in turn are to be inviting more and more guests to the feast that is available.  Take a listen.

02/21/16 Parable of the Mustard Seed “The Kingdom of God is like…” These few words lead us to discover a story that God has for us of something so small that grows into something that provides life for everything around it.  Pastor Jeff explores two parables this week from Luke 13:18-21.  Take a listen.

02/14/16  The Rich Young Fool  In week 2 of our series on parables Pastor Jeff explores the parable of the Rich Young Fool found in Luke 12:13-21.  Jesus takes on the hard conversation around where we put our trust; in God or in money. Take a listen and share with your friends

02/07/16  The Good Samaritan  Pastor Jeff begins a new series looking at parables in the book of Luke with one of the most known stories in the bible. Read the text again with fresh eyes and ears from Luke 10:25-37.  Take a listen and share with your friends.


Mind the Gap  ___________________________________________________________

01/24/16  The Power Gap This week Pastor Jeff continues our sermon series on the Gaps in our life.  Jairus and a sick woman; both unclean and outcast, need Jesus.  Jesus shows his power in saving them; from Luke 8:40-56.  Listen here and share with your friends!

01/17/16  The Forgiveness Gap This week Pastor Jeff continues our sermon series on the Gaps in our life, this  week Jeff preaches from Luke 6:27-42.  Take a listen

01/10/16  The Blessed Gap This week Pastor Jeff continues our sermon series from Luke 6:17-26.  Take a listen

01/03/16  The Good News Gap. Pastor Jeff continues our journey through the book of Luke in our new series Mind the Gap where we are looking at the common gaps in our lives and how with the help of Christ might help us close them.  This week we looking at Luke 5:1-11.  Take a listen

Advent Intersection  ___________________________________________________________

12/20/15 Advent Week 4.  As Advent draws to a close Pastor Jeff highlights the Love God has for each of us.

12/13/15 Week 3 of Advent, Pastor Jeff focused on the Joy found in the song of Mary found in Luke 1:46-56.  Take a listen

11/29/15 Pastor Jeff began our new series, Advent Intersections this week.  Advent is a time of preparation and waiting, it is a time filled with Hope.  take a listen.


IDENTITY   ___________________________________________________________

11/22/15 Pastor Jeff closed our series out of the book of Ephesians preaching from Ephesians 6:10-20.  Take a listen here, you can also subscribe to our podcast and have the sermon beamed to your device each week.

11/15/15 Pastor Jeff preached this week from Ephesians 4:15-5:2.  Take a listen, you can also subscribe to our Podcast and have the sermon beamed to your phone every week!

11/8/15 Guest Preacher Colleen Nelson invited us to ask the question of what gifts God has given us.

11/1/15 Ephesians 2:1-10 How does Christ give us a new identity and what does that mean?

10/25/15 Ephesians 1:1-14 tells us a large part of our identity is not something we choose but to rest in the love and truth that we are adopted by Christ.


IT TAKES A VILLAGE  ___________________________________________________

9/27/15 “Opposition” What lies between you and the plan God has for you and how are we planning to over come those barriers in our lives? Nehemiah chapters 4 and 6

9/20/15 “Building” In this sermon we look at the power of community on mission together. What we can accomplish together and whats your part? Nehemiah chapter 3

9/13/15 “Cup Bearing” In this sermon we explore chapters 1 and 2 of Nehemiah and ask who we are serving and are we serving in a way so that when people see us they want to inquire about our Lord?

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