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Wilderness–Matthew 4:1-4 Catalyst Covenant Church

  1. Wilderness–Matthew 4:1-4
  2. Wilderness–John the Baptist
  3. 7 Practices: Waiting & Wandering
  4. 7 Practices–Giving & Finances
  5. 7 Practices–Solitude

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Kara Stromberg — 2/9/20

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Glorious: Midweek Devotionals

As we move through Ephesians for our Glorious series we have a few sections we can’t cover on Sunday mornings. Instead, a few folks from Catalyst got together for some devotional videos to cover everything else.

This week Heather Jones is sharing on Ephesians 2:11-22!

This week Aaron Jones is sharing on Ephesians 3:14-21!

Eat This Word Podcast

We started a Podcast!?

eat this word to use

Why? As we go through the Bible this year there is just too much to cover, too many questions, too many things to wrestle with and to learn from so we are adding a weekly Podcast. The Podcast will follow along at the same pace as our sermons yet also is designed to stand alone so you can listen to it even if you never hear one of our sermons.

Podcast #1: Genesis 1 including a look at science and faith, major themes of the first chapter and what are essentials for us all to consider:

Podcast #2 is up! Dr. Raymon Hanson is back and we talk all things including Genesis 2, First Humans, Relationships, A Theology of Work and Kirby Puckett.

Podcast #3: Jacob and Esau. Genesis has some pretty major themes and characters in it that help shape and inform the rest of Scripture. This Podcast, I am joined by Sullivan Keehr, a fellow staff member at Catalyst and current Seminarian as well as Anna Tuomala, our ministry Intern at Catalyst and together we wrestle with the story of Jacob and Esau and what we might learn by taking closer look at it.

Podcast #4: Lawyers and Leviticus. One of books that may well seem the most dry and perhaps random as we read through Scripture is the book of Leviticus. Its long and full of what seems like ancient laws that no longer have any bearing for us. In order to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of this book I sit down with three Christ followers who think laws are actually pretty exciting and worth studying closely (Lawyers). We talk the value of studying Leviticus, The value of law for a culture/society and even touch on the Theology of Vocation (aka the value of integrating faith and work).  Enjoy!

Podcast #5: The Exile. Sully Keehr, Anna Tuomala and Jeff Olson sat down to talk about the Exile, An important time in the history of Israel that often is the background to many of the prophetic texts churches read and unpack during Advent. We Discuss the overview of this era in Israel, answer why its important and what wisdom there is for us in our day from the world of the text. 

Podcast #6 The space between the Old and New Testaments. Roughly 400 years exist between the closing of the Old Testament and New Testament and a lot of major changes take place around the globe that deeply impact the world of the New Testament and help pave the way for the Gospel to spread quickly across the Roman empire. Pastor Jeff sits down with Dr Ray Hanson to talk about questions we may have about this “silent era” and gives the 101 on important events that shape the time leading up to the arrival of Jesus.

Podcast #7 The Resurrection of Lazarus. Pastor Jeff sits down with his friends Nanboni and Sullivan to discuss the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, and the different facets and implications of the story.

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