Sunday AM (Where/About)

Sunday mornings we gather together at 10 AM at 1490 Fulham Street in Saint Paul at the Olson Campus Center. HERE is a helpful map. Our community is comprised of folks who have been invested churches for years and others who have literally never been a part of a church before Catalyst. Young and old call Catalyst home, and we like that. We desire to create a community where anyone can come in and ask questions, find fellowship, explore faith and grow.


A bit more about us.

We believe we serve and love a God who loves us so much that he will always meet us where we are.  Yet we believe God loves us so deeply he does not wish us to stay there. He wants us to grow, serve and love others in his rhythm, and we do that in joyful response to his love for us.

As you visit us even while we are in our infancy as a new church, know that we seek to create a community and service where we value things like authenticity, excellence in our ministries and facilitating deep connections with God and those around you. Yet we pray when you attend Catalyst you will leave not asking did I like it or how good was it, but rather ask am I called here to partner with God to bring heaven to earth? Because we believe that is a much more compelling question that gets at the heart of Christianity and the vision of Catalyst.

Our desire is to create a community that asks how we can BE the church, rather than just seeing ourselves as ATTENDING a church. We wish to create a space where we can come as we are in all our beauty and brokenness, and we pray our time together encourages and gives us strength to go out and be the church. Beyond our brick and mortar building, as the Lord’s prayer reminds us to help bring heaven to earth.

So what will it be like?

As you arrive, feel free to grab coffee and connect with a greeter or two, they are there to connect with you and answer questions. We typically begin by singing songs. These songs are written to help us remember for ourselves and remind the person next to us who God is, what God has done and he will do, because of his love for us. We will pray together because we believe we have a God who wants to hear from us and speak to us, and most Sundays we will dig into a passage of the Bible that most of the time will take the form of a sermon. What is a sermon? It’s a prayerful unpacking of a text so we can understand and apply a particular passage to our lives; as a result of our time together, we will depart being able to better understand God, love God and love others.

On any given Sunday we typically have a number of first time guests, people who are in love with the church, people who have been hurt by a church, or people who are coming back to church after years of being away–all are welcome to join us. We desire to create a safe place to explore who Christ is and what he has done for us, and then ask each other what do we plan to do now that we know what we know about Christ?


We love kids at Catalyst, and we have a lot of little ones in our community. We have great programming for kids from birth through 10 years old that begins after we sing. We like having the kids with us as we sing because we believe it is important for kids to have relationships outside their own generation. We believe it is powerful and deeply impacting when a child sees his/her mom, dad, brother and/or sister sing about Jesus and watch them pray and worship. In the future we plan to add more classes for older kids, but in the mean time we have wonderful activity bags and spaces reserved at tables for families with older school age kids.

Kids are SO important to us, and while they are in their own rooms during the sermon, our children’s team has developed quality teaching and art projects to prepare Bible stories and play times that actually mirror what we are learning as adults. That way when families go home together after Sunday morning they can talk about what they learned at church every week.

Do you have older kids than that? So do we! As we grow so will our programming for this age group. One of the ways our 10+ year old children grow and stay connected is by serving. We have junior-highers who help with tech and greeting. We have high school students who are in home groups with college students, and we think this connection outside their age group for our tweens and teens actually helps them flourish.

Come and kick the tires.

If you are our guest, feel no pressure to jump in right away. We realize this may be new to you and you may have some questions (which is great!). You may simply want to observe, pray, listen and be still, and we get that. Always know you are more than welcome to join us, as Catalyst strives to be a contagious community, focused on pursuing, proclaiming and demonstrating Christ and his love for the world.

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